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KlaroCPQ guides you through sales process digitalization with world-class open source CPQ solution

We see that making sales proposal work data-oriented and integrated process with KlaroCPQ, enables salespeople to serve their customers with both better quality and efficiency. 

Our KlaroCPQ solutions are especially for industrial companies which make complex solutions for their customers. With our Configuration-Quoting-Pricing tool, CPQ application, salesperson can pick right solutions from company’s offering based on data on actual client requirements. 

Our clients usually spend significant time on proposals, need very skilled people and handle a great number of data during their quoting process. With help our KlaroCPQ, salespeople can have tools that give significant help them with their sales routines.

Our clients describe their sales processes: 

  • They sell solutions that have a great number of technical details, and contains both products and services.
  • Client have multiple requirements in many perspective, that needs to be understood and solved precisely.
  • Proposal work takes time, is very resource intensive and specialized within sales organization. 
  • Sales quoting process includes multiple phases and quote versions. 
  • Quote content is vast and includes multiple documents including lots of critical information. 

Main Benefits with KlaroCPQ: 

  • More precise understanding on client requirements in complete data format. 
  • Client requirements can be gathered quickly and smoothy with clear process.
  • Sales has more time to do sales work which enables them to win more deals.
  • High quality quoting process means better sales management and more better quality deals. 
  • Less risks with deliveries when quoting and contracts are done as planned

KlaroCPQ can automate sales work and help sales teams with their routines.

Our customers have been able to significantly reduce their time spend on quoting and enable salespeople to concentrate on actual sales work instead of information gathering and data handling. 

Why digitalize sales processes

At the heart of the digitalization of sales is the utilization of data. Data is collected from a wide range of sources.

The biggest challenge is to collect data in a uniform format into integrated process where it can be used systematically. 

By gathering data related to customer needs in one place, you can significantly streamline your proposal work and free up your salesperson’s time to meet people and do genuine sales work instead of routines that can be automated with digital tools.

With KlaroCPQ solutions, you bring information related to customer needs and offers to a single data platform, where it can be used effectively as part of sales work. This way you are able to digitize the sales process and automate routine work.

Leveraging data on your customers’ needs will continually improve your customer understanding and make more winning quotes easier and faster. Thus way allow sales to make sales from person to person, and make computer to do data processing.

KlaroCPQ enables you to create seamless process from sales leads to deliveries and improve your customer experience and delivery quality, with improved efficiency and profitability. 

Being open source makes easier to serve our clients

Part of our way of helping our customer is open sourced CPQ core. This way KlaroCPQ can be implemented with developer ecosystem and consulting partners globally. This benefits us all, KlaroCPQ, developers, consultants and most importantly, the customers. Open sourcing ensures best possible solutions with best possible service.


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