Productization can help product-led industrial companies transform into sales-oriented companies

Invest into your processes to create a winning sales machine.

Many of the studies and industry discussions are stating that a significant portion of companies are concentrating too much on their products and neglecting their customers.

This might be true with some of the companies. Simultaneously this argument forgets that productization can be also done in the sales front and this way create a lot of significant benefits. 

To start with, in the sales perspective a well-productized offering is easy for sales to use. With this kind of productized offering, sales can be sure of what they can promise to their customer in their proposals. 

Secondly, sales activities can also be productized into clear process. Sales process and its activities can be productized into efficient and scalable operation. Productization gives actually the backbone for efficient sales efforts as sales have a clear pathway how to operate.  

Productization is key the for building efficient and scalable company operations 

Customer requirements can be very demanding to grasp. Understanding and defining these requirements can take a lot of knowledge and organizational capabilities. It might take years for people and organizations to create needed skills to gather up and analyze customer requirements properly. 

Productization is often a necessity for this type of company to operate efficiently. Productization helps companies to build both tangible and intangible assets in their operations, which is actually many times key success criteria for tech-driven and scale-seeking companies. With productized offerings companies define what they sell. This also helps to define how they are doing the sales. Productization will make sales efforts well managed, which is prerequisite for winning sales. 

Combining the productized offering with a clear process of operating the sales work will bring significant benefits for the sales teams. When a company succeeds with its productization with both their offering and process, they have all the needed capabilities to thrive in sales and profits. 

Productization is supporting customer experience

Productized offering ensures the sales promise to the customer and enables companies to carry out made promises to successful customer delivery. 

This leads to profitable customer contracts with lowered delivery risks. And what is most important, customers are getting deliveries they expect. Customer experience will be at a high level as client expectations are met with the delivery and promised quality is achieved. 

Classic phrase is that happy customers will return for more buys, and that is true for sure. In addition to cultivating the winning customer relationship, a satisfied customer is probably the best salesperson your company can have in its network. Satisfied client with profitable deliveries is a win-win for all of the parties. 

How to strengthen sales focus with productized offering? 

Usually productized offerings lead to clarity for sales processes. In the 2020s transforming different processes should always involve digital tools. Digitalization will bring clear and efficient processes, as process-flows and data processing can be assisted with digital solutions. With digital solutions, processes can be automated and made smart. This makes sales people’s working day easier and they can concentrate on more demanding sales activities instead of data processing.  

Make product data available and easy for sales to scale-up your sales activity

Productizing your offering actually enables the sales process productization. Productization of processes will bring efficiency, clarity and scalability. Scalable sales process eases business expansion and helps to win the competition. 

Sales need information on possible solutions from their offering portfolio. Portfolio must be presented so that it can help salespeople to find preferred solutions for the specific customer need. Information related to possible solutions must be easy to attain and analyze by sales people. 

Otherwise sales teams will waste their valuable time and resources to work that can be made much efficiently. Not having proper automation and assistance in sales data-processing will come very expensive for companies by wasting valuable sales resources time and focus.  

Productization with the digital process is the key to managing industrial sales complexity.

Industrial sales takes a lot of time, effort and skills. Many times the ecosystem – subcontractors and parts suppliers are involved in the process to some extent. 

Quotes can also include significant price and delivery risks, and that risk increases with undefined processes. 

Sales projects in industrial sales can take even years. Getting the understanding of client requirements might take weeks or at least days with several people. Proposing is often a multistage process with various versions on quotes from budgetary estimates to binding quotes. 

This kind of process complexity creates a need for digitized sales process management. Without proper sales tools sales processes are poorly managed and mishandled. Customer experience suffers and deals get lost, literally. Combining complex processes with complex data brings significant need for specialized tools that help sales teams to succeed with their demanding job. 

All this complexity can be simplified by defining exactly what kind of requirements data is needed from the client and what kind of solutions can be proposed for these requirements. Productizing the offering makes suitable offering fixed and enables this way an opportunity to create a well-defined process with a manageable offering portfolio.

In the 2020s all the processes should be digitized if possible. All processes should be assisted with easy-to-use software and automated as high level as possible. Sales people should concentrate on their clients to win more deals. Your clients are people. They make the buying decisions, and they want to buy from people. 

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  • produce high quality solutions. 
  • provide first-class customer experience.  

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Having an intelligent sales tool to manage proposal work will help sales teams to build quotes that are utilizing all benefits of the productized offering and sales process. 

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