Roxia is growing its business globally with the help of KlaroCPQ

Roxia’s business is in an acceleration phase and they are expanding their operations globally. Roxia acquired the KlaroCPQ software to support their sales operations in gathering customer requirement data and creating quotes. Using KlaroCPQ, Roxia can deliver quality quotes effectively.

Roxia is a Finnish industrial company that manufactures, delivers and sells various types of industrial equipment for highly demanding use environments. Roxia sells their solutions globally.

At Roxia, sales can be divided into three types, each of which have their own characteristics:

  • Equipment sales, where the customer actively asks for products and makes orders directly, so that sales proposals are often not needed. For example, the customer wants to purchase add-ons and spare parts quickly.
  • Small project sales, where the customer buys bigger products that require some level of projecting and may require, for example, installation services. Some products are manufactured by Roxia, and others are sourced from partners who also require detailed information about the product that has been sold. These sales cycles typically last a few months.
  • Large solution sales – for example, a holistic solution that Roxia can build for a hospital with demanding needs for treating pharmaceutical residues in wastewater. This type of sales is similar to traditional project sales, where the sales cycle can be as long as 1 to 5 years. The sooner Roxia can gain an understanding of customer needs, the stronger their position will be in the competitive quoting process when the customer is making the purchase and the final solution choice.

The acceleration phase poses demands for Roxia’s technical sales.

“We’re in the acceleration phase in our business, and we’re receiving quote requests from various channels,” says Roxia Product Manager Matti Luoma. “In order to answer these demands, Roxia needs the digital tools to deliver quotes fast whilst maintaining high quality.”

The quotes typically contain a multitude of elements, which makes sales technically demanding. “Quotes can include a lot of customisations and large-scale, holistic solutions. They must take into account work related to the design and delivery, as well as possible spare parts. One quote can be a package containing dozens of pages,” says Luoma.

Writing quotes manually was consuming a lot of time from key personnel. In addition, the high technical expertise required for the sales work was a hindrance to delivering quotes globally.

“Our aim was that sales could create high quality quotes in an agile way,” Luoma explains the company’s goals for digitizing sales work.

The digital sales solution was developed on the basis of Roxia’s sales and customer needs. Product Managers have been involved in the project from the start, setting the requirements for how the solution is quoted using this tool. The KlaroCPQ tool was introduced into the sales process as early as possible, and has been refined based on user feedback from there onwards.

KlaroCPQ makes the salesperson’s daily job easier and helps create quality quotes faster.

By focusing on mapping customer needs and a uniform way to process data using KlaroCPQ, Roxia ensures that quotes are made in a timely and high-quality manner.

Luoma is one of the users of the application, and it has had a material effect on his daily work.

“Complex solution sales are now easier to manage. We can more easily facilitate solutions to any specific requirements that the customer may have, and deviations can be better managed. Most importantly, we can ensure that the technical contents of the quote are correct, the scope is clear from the start and legal contents are pre-written,” Luoma explains.

Thanks to KlaroCPQ, making these demanding and complex quotes now takes significantly less time than before.

“We’ve managed to cut up to two thirds of the time it takes to write a quote. In addition, salespeople can rest assured that quotes are up to par, and that’s a valuable thing!” he exclaims.

The tool has received thanks widely within the organization: “The feedback from our sales team about using KlaroCPQ has been nothing but positive,” says Application Development Manager Eero Enovaara, who is in charge of the sales systems at Roxia.

“What’s particularly important is that the sales proposal process is now in one application. A large amount of data input and processing is avoided,” he continues. “The salesperson no longer has to worry about double- or triple-checking the quote, because (s)he can be certain that all the details are correct based on the starting situation – the customer requirements.”

The fast and fluent sales process has also had a positive impact on customer satisfaction. Instead of spending time on resolving requirements, the salespeople can focus on serving the customer.

“The salesperson gets to focus on sales work and spend much less time on figuring out the requirements. Also, the time from quote to project start is reduced when we know exactly what we’re proposing,” Enovaara says.

The uniform sales process supports Roxia in scaling their business.

KlaroCPQ sales tool helps Roxia manage their international sales organization efficiently.

“KlaroCPQ helps strengthen the sales organization and ensure that it works the way it’s supposed to. The tool also helps ensure that the company’s sales offering and documentation are always up to date. Sales cannot sell an outdated solution or an unclear scope which would be difficult to manage in the project phase,” Luoma explains.

KlaroCPQ has made it possible for salespeople to conduct their daily work in such a way that they can create quotes independently without high technical expertise. Quotes are made correctly, lowering the risk for quality and responsibility questions.

“Large solutions can have a huge amount of variations – and making the choices has now become significantly easier. By using KlaroCPQ, sales can deliver a quote without worrying about whether the content in it has been done correctly – it’s no longer possible for salespeople to sell a solution that we can’t deliver!” Enovaara explains. “All the technical details related to the quote are quickly put in place, such as terms of delivery, schedule and payment, and limitations to what is included in the delivery, as well as general terms and conditions.”

Now, Product Managers only have to give input to the most complex quotes.

“The idea is that using KlaroCPQ, sales can independently make 80% of all quotes. These are the simpler solutions, and the other 20% contain solutions of such complexity, that Product Managers have to give their input to the solutions being sold. Of course, even these quotes can be put together using KlaroCPQ as support,” says Enovaara.

Three perspectives with KlaroCPQ at Roxia:

KlaroCPQ use main benefits for Roxia

Eero Enovaara of Roxia summarizes the benefits of KlaroCPQ:

  • A uniform, high-quality sales process supports the organization in global expansion – manual quoting work is no longer a blocker for growing the business.
  • Time savings in quoting: Now we’re talking about hours, when it used to take days to write a single quote.
  • Accuracy of the information: Roxia can be sure that the quote contains the right information. The risk for substantial quality and responsibility questions decreases significantly when a uniform tool is used for determining the solutions and writing the quotes.
  • Customers perceive the quick quoting process in a positive way. Roxia can serve customers faster, which improves customer satisfaction.
  • Salespeople can focus on the right things – i.e. serving the customer. Internally, Roxia has received only positive feedback about the tool from its users!

The intuitive KlaroCPQ application was introduced quickly

Introducing KlaroCPQ to the sales process has been seamless thanks to the involvement of users in the project from the beginning.

“We’ve been able to introduce the tool without any bigger project. We didn’t even need to have training sessions – the salespeople have been able to directly start using the application and creating quotes with support from experts. Thanks to salespeople using the tool early on, we also got direct feedback about any changes that were needed,” Enovaara says.

Introduction has been easy also thanks to the intuitiveness of the application: “KlaroCPQ is so intuitive that if you know your product, you know how to use the tool,” he continues. “In practice, it takes a couple of phone calls before salespeople are able to independently write up quotes using KlaroCPQ.”

From the admin point of view, KlaroCPQ has been a good choice: “Managing the software is straightforward – all the updates and changes are easily managed. What’s important also is that working with the supplier has been effortless,” Enovaara concludes.

Cornerstones of a successful collaboration

Modern working methods and transparent teamwork have aided the successful introduction of the KlaroCPQ tool. When the project is led using modern task management tools and methods, it’s easy to follow what has been agreed and delivered, reduce assumptions and facilitate the work of both parties. Both customer and supplier are continuously on the same page about where we are in development and what kind of results are expected of the final app.

“KlaroCPQ employs knowledgeable and experienced software engineers and competent development project leaders. They also use agile methodologies well suited to Roxia – development progress and day-to-day collaboration is a transparent, continuous and evolving process.”

Samuli Henttu, Roxia’s Business Tools Manager