Metso Outotec boosted their quoting 80% using KlaroCPQ

For several years, global technology business Metso Outotec Oyj has been using KlaroCPQ to boost sales across different product lines. According to Metso Outotec’s Application Service Manager Joni Kauppinen, KlaroCPQ has helped them significantly cut down on the time spent on preparing quotes and to effectively remove human mistakes from all quotes, leading to savings that still continue in the project stage.

In addition to savings in time and money, Kauppinen says that optimizing the quoting process and automating functions have brought clarity to the entire supply chain from sale to deployment. “KlaroCPQ helps us ensure that the client hasn’t been offered anything that is either impossible or unprofitable for us to provide”, he says.

Efficient quoting with less technical expertise

KlaroCPQ provides Metso Outotec with the possibility to configure quotes within complex product lines without the related technical expertise. Without the software, sales personnel would need to know each technology solution and related components in significant detail, Kauppinen says.

”In practice, this type of expertise is limited to a couple of experienced long-term employees. KlaroCPQ makes it possible for dozens of people to create quotes. The solution offered will always consist of the right components, the process won’t stall in project stage due to the wrong choices, and quotes will include critical elements like transport costs”, he lists.

”One product line uses KlaroCPQ for a minimum of 300 quotes a year and another one generates even more. KlaroCPQ saves at significant amount hours of time for each quote, which adds up to really significant savings in resources.”

KlaroCPQ’s multilingual functionality improves customer experience

The latest addition to Metso Outotec’s KlaroCPQ set-up is multilingual functionality. In addition to English, quotes can now be generated in the customer’s native language directly from the system.

“Before, we had to use a translation agency for each quote. Now at least the initial version of a translated quote can be created directly from the system, making it easier for our client to discuss the purchase within their own organization and to make the final decision to buy. At the same time, we can still lean on the English original. It’s a win-win”, Kauppinen smiles.

KlaroCPQ is also a handy platform for work supervision.

“Implementing the work supervision features has made a huge difference. We now have a clear and transparent view of what’s going on at any given moment. Everyone in the team uses the platform, which says a lot about how significant this is”, he says.

“We are very happy with our collaboration with Klaro. And most importantly, we feel like we matter to hem.”

Joni Kauppinen, Metso Outotec Oyj