Why we have open source on our KlaroCPQ software?

Open sourcing our KlaroCPQ core software is part of our business strategy.

Our aspect is that open sourcing enables:

  1. Create partner network with best developers and consultants, globally.
  2. Develop better solutions for client need and new features with more speed.
  3. Serve our customers the way they want to be served with our partners.
  4. Grow a business ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders – our clients, partners and us.

Open sourcing has been significantly emerging technology development strategy. Open sourcing approach has created multiple new best-of-breed solutions. We are aiming the same by open sourcing our KlaroCPQ system core.

Open source-based KlaroCPQ has multiple benefits. It enables our customers to have best solutions with best skills globally in a collaboration with development and consulting partners. Usually these partners are companies that our customers already collaborate with and have done so for many years.

We are able to provide best-of-breed CPQ to our partners and customers to create best possible solution. Client’s local trusted partner knows their client needs and are able to produce best possible solutions with speed and quality. Both can continue their existing collaboration as they have usually done during the past years. Altogether, we are able to create a winning ecosystem. 

This is why we are open sourcing, and see this as winning recipe for us all in our KlaroCPQ ecosystem. 

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