We believe that making open sourced version of KlaroCPQ helps our customers. This way customers can have best solutions to support their sales work from their trusted partners anywhere in the world anytime they like. 

We see that open sourcing provides opportunity to create an ecosystem and this way is the best way to create world class sales solutions and business for all stakeholders from customers to developers. 

Currently we are running a 3rd main version for our KlaroCPQ application, which is open sourced with GPL 3.0 -license.

Our open sourced -core version is available in our GitLab repository.


What our clients say about us

Roxia is growing its business globally with the help of KlaroCPQ

Roxia's business is in an acceleration phase and they are expanding their operations globally. Roxia acquired the KlaroCPQ software to…

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Metso Outotec boosted their quoting 80% using KlaroCPQ

For several years, global technology business Metso Outotec Oyj has been using KlaroCPQ to boost sales across different product lines.…

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Utilizing digital tools to improve customer relationship

The customer is becoming more and more critical with a view for suppliers – how can you increase your customer’s…

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How KlaroCPQ sees the future of B2B sales?

Gartner have been discussing in multiple studies and articles on following topics: B2B buying is much more independent and complex…

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The KlaroCPQ vision – How we help companies with their business challenges?

KlaroCPQ is especially designed for complex B2B solution sales. KlaroCPQ has currently proven its capabilities especially in manufacturing industry, where…

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