How industrial sales can use digital tools to succeed?

Complex industrial sales process can be boosted with digital solutions. 

Sales process digitalization is lacking in many companies according to both our customer feedback and industry studies.

For lack of digital development there are many reasons which depend many times on industry and business models, organizational reasons and even some times on individual preferences. 

Altogether, many companies in every industry have been neglecting automation of work type which require a lot of skills and expertise. Industrial solution sales is clearly one of the areas where digitalization can benefit companies. 

One main reason for lacking digitalization in industrial solution sales is complexity of processes and data. With companies’ current in-use business applications cumbersome and data-intensive processes have been difficult to model and implement in digital tools.

It also might be that companies are missing sales processes that could be defined into digital tools. There are usually many reasons for these missing processes. Either way, process orientation is now in focus in many of the organizations and digitalization is the key to succeed in this. 

On top of being more process-oriented, companies should be getting more data-oriented. This creates a necessity of having digital tools that enable modeling complex processes and data in one application. Without fitting sales application needed data such as client requirements are not acquired systematically and handled in one database for finding suitable solutions. 

How KlaroCPQ can support industrial companies? 

Currently there are a few business specific applications available to digitize industrial sales processes. These CPQs are usually for specific business and products. Usually CPQs are poorly fitting industries and products which they are not designed for. 

Our focus is to provide a robust tool for complex industrial solutions sales from requirement gathering to contract making. KlaroCPQ solution is best suited for selling complex industrial systems and solutions. KlaroCPQ approach is to make a database out of customer requirements and use this data for comprehensive proposal work.

This approach makes KlaroCPQ application ideal for industrial companies which are selling productized solutions to their customers. Usually this type of sales is very time consuming with all the complex technical data and multistage sales processes. Our clients call this type of sales “project sales”.  

Our customers main benefits on quoting process digitalization are following (according to customer feedback):

  • Significant decreases for spent time in proposal work. There are cases where resource and calendar time spent has decreased even 80%. 
  • Support for sales organization. Integration and process automation helps sales teams to focus on actual sales work. Valuable pre-sales teams time and resources can be saved with aided sales processes. 
  • Efficient quotation material management. Our customers are having multistage sales processes and the quotation phase can take a lot of time and usually includes several different quote versions. 
  • Creation of global sales process. When having sales processes, phases, rules and content are defined. Sales know exactly their process, tasks and responsibilities. 

Want to know more about the topic? 

With our help you are able to digitize your complex sales processes.

Our solutions will help you to gain competitive advantage by:

  • creating easy-to-use sales processes for your sales organization.
  • productize your offering.
  • ensure that the end customer is getting the right solution for its requirements.
  • minimize delivery risks.
  • produce high quality solutions. 
  • provide first-class customer experience.  

CPQ software can free up time for your valuable sales people to serve their clients better and win more deals. Our clients have been able to cut down spend time on the sales process even by 80%. 

Having an intelligent sales tool to manage proposal work will help sales teams to build quotes that are utilizing all benefits of the productized offering and sales process. 

Contact us and let’s discuss more. 

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