How KlaroCPQ sees the future of B2B sales?

Future of B2B Sales

Gartner have been discussing in multiple studies and articles on following topics:

  • B2B buying is much more independent and complex than earlier.
  • B2B sales processes are taking influence from B2C sales.
  • B2B buyers require much more  capabilities from sales organizations. 

Read more about these topics also from our study: What does B2B salespeople need to know about 2020s purchasing?

This B2B sales transformation has been slow but very significant.  Life in late 2020s will be very different compared to the current state of B2B sales. 

B2B companies must act now in order to ensure success in future. 

In order to succeed in B2B sales transformation companies need to provide:

  • Much more technical and commercial information for buyer from self-service channel 
  • Integrate Customer related data: contacting, behavior, needs and requirements
  • Have more automation to support salespeople -have much more sufficient dataflow to ensure automation, self-service and superb Customer experience and quality. 

Companies will benefit from sales process digitalization with KlaroCPQ:

  • More accurate information on Customer needs and requirements.
  • Well-designed and digitally supported processes.
  • Automated routine work enable sales organization to perform.

This will lead to increased customer satisfaction and improved profitability.

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