Comparison for quoting between CRM, CPQ and ERP.

Quoting process can be handled several way in digitalized process. Here is a short comparison between different systems.


+Quotes are easily used in same as system as other customer related information and sales activities.

+Tools are familiar to sales.

+All client data related to sales is in one system.

-CRM’s are not designed for quoting but for client data and sales process management. A lot of features and information will be missing that are necessary for winning the quote.

-Quotes are missing usually a lot of structured data.

-Very commonly missing a link to offerings and delivery.


+CPQ is specifically designed for quoting, so it is process rich and easy-to-use.

-Easy to create tailormade interfaces for specific user groups, e.g. customer. 

+Idea of CPQ is integrate masterdata between CRM, PDM, design systems and ERP.

+it is designed to serve client in complex sales. 

-Another system in company business application landscape.

-Integration between systems can be difficult.


+sales and delivery are tightly integrated.

+can save in annual maintenance and service costs as per one system covering more processes.

-not designed to support sales process.

-difficult and costly to develop new processes.

-risks related to user management and challenge for opening an interface for client. 

-very commonly difficult to use and sales need to know yet another tool.

-usually very difficult to integrate.

KlaroCPQ is a tool for any company that want to:

+give their salespeople best tools to serve their customers.

+have a database on client requirements.

+digitalize their business processes and create integrated dataflow from sales to delivery and lifecycle management.

-Separate application which need to be integrated and managed.

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